Marketing has long been an afterthought in the world of luxury destinations. But since its arrival, RUHM has elevated destination marketing to an art form. Let us explain.

Opie Opfer, Creative Director at RUHM, describes us in a nutshell: “We’re an ad agency for destinations, specifically in the ultra-high end market.” Any place people would want to live or visit—island estates, high-rise condos, five-star hotels, or getaway spots—it is RUHM’s job to present it compellingly to the world.

This is an intensive, interdisciplinary process that involves the specialists from multiple industries that make up RUHM: strategists, filmmakers, photographers, graphic designs, and web developers. (It doesn’t hurt that RUHM has a proven track record of real estate expertise, either.) We collaborate to draw out the unique story of each destination, and tell it directly to our audience through a targeted campaign.

The Times, They’ve Already Changed

Over the past decade, the internet has dramatically changed how people discover and buy homes. There was a time when it was nearly impossible to access listings without a real estate agent. They had exclusive access to listings and were solely responsible for marketing them.

Today, more than 90% of buyers search the web themselves for their next home. This shift has created an unprecedented opportunity for destinations to market themselves directly to potential buyers and set expectations about their own value, rather than relying on an agent.

The Price Isn’t Right

Back to Opie: “What we’re doing is defending the premium price point of each dwelling.” Taking real estate as an example, the value of a home is typically based on the going price for other properties in the area. But when a home is a custom-built masterpiece, pricing by comparison only undervalues the home. It’s mansions and oranges.

Rather than continually dropping the price to “match the market”, you need buyers to understand the value of your home. They need to understand that they’re not just buying a house, but a luxury product. They need to be emotionally invested in the process. This is where RUHM comes in.

Sell the Smell

RUHM breathes life into these destinations by telling their story. A home is a sacred space where life unfolds, where hospitality produces new friendships, where memories are made. To buy a home is to buy a future full of possibilities. This is why thoughtful marketing and a finely-crafted online presence are so important: an online listing can’t tell a story anymore than a recipe can tell you what fresh bread smells like. A buyer must be able to see themselves in that story, and know what a place feels like—not just its square footage.

We tell those stories better than anyone we know.

This is destination marketing. This is RUHM.


5 Responses

  1. Would like some connection! Love your videos and would like to know pricing! On the East Coast!


  2. I think you guys do great work with the video marketing you have done. High end properties value is based on the emotion of the buyer. Your videos do well at evoking emotion, you tell it’s story. I see the value, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Trevor! With high-end, custom homes, comparables don’t mean much. Every home is so unique and needs its story told to defend what its worth. It’s fun for us to dream up how to tell that story best. Glad to know the work is appreciated.

  3. Working as a real estate marketing guy, I drool over your productions at least 2-3 times a week. Let me just say if you ever get near the southeast I’ll buy lunch and just follow you around and gawk at your mad skills all day long. Or week. I have vacation set aside just to stalk amazing people like you.
    Seriously. You guys are the top in the real estate marketing. Extremely impressed.

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