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The internet. It’s turned real estate advertising upside down and taken 92% of your buyers with it. Consider five reasons why you should rethink how you sell a house. (All in one handy, shareable infographic.)

Some “get it.” And some still use Internet Explorer 6.

It’s home to cat-obsessed teenagers, mind-boggling deposits of human learning, and a conduit for more than half of America’s retail spending. Love it or hate it, the internet is here to stay. And what some once called a fad, like television advertising in the 1940s, has now become the primary way to market real estate.

But this is good news for you. In this new era of global access, you now have more opportunities to publicize, defend value, and draw buyers to your home than ever before. It can seem daunting, but don’t worry about figuring it all out. Just make sure you’re working alongside someone who has. In this brave new world of ever-changing media, you need someone who can forge emotional connections, fight to make your home famous to the online world, and (if need be) help you replace from your awful Internet Explorer 6.

We’re here to navigate you through the changing landscape of real estate marketing. To that end, here is an infographic we whipped up to help you understand how the internet has changed real estate advertising forever.

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