Social Media Manager

Q1 2020


You’re addicted. But it’s okay – it’s for work. What you do is important. Though your phone is constantly in hand, hundreds of tabs are open on your laptop, and your brain thinks in 140 characters, those annoying habits are fully welcome at RUHM. This market is survival of the social-est – you understand today’s consumers watch, read, play, and ultimately shop on the web. Your proven skills in creative copywriting coupled with strategic social media campaigns bolster you up amongst your peers as a vibrant jester, respectable commentator, and articulate communicator. You prove your worth by your work. Though your past work speaks for itself, your initiative punk rocks with the best of ‘em. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t work in your pajamas all day, and this “gig” is actually your full-time job. You’re a darn good writer. Not just any writer – a creative, storytelling copywriter. It’s not just puppy dogs and rainbows with you – you’re a strategic marketer, salesperson, and the best friend to our target market. You’ve studied how to communicate simply and directly, and the secrets behind the best, snappiest headlines. Even thinking about increasing likes because of your brilliantly witty one liner makes your insides do a fist pump. 

Beyond your colorful imagination, you have a dark, serious side that fights violently for proper grammar, and perfect spelling. Some may say you’re just as good of an editor as you are whimsical dreamer. You’re also a student of life. Whether it’s finding the perfect wine to pair with a Boise sunset or the most visceral word to describe mountain views from the balcony of a Sun Valley estate, finding the right tone and verbiage is a labor of love and daily fascination. Full to the brim with energy, ideas, and a viciously strategic mind, you take every chance to learn, optimize, and compose unforgettable  social campaigns. So crank “Eye of the Tiger” up to 11 and start reaching out to people that matter. Thankfully, you’re not in this alone. Alongside our creative team, you’re equipped with all the amazing content you’ll need to get RUHM and its clients out to the most discerning buyers. Just put your phone down when we’re out at dinner – no one likes when you do that.


A hybrid of strategic know-why and marketing know-how, RUHM (German for “glory/fame”) is a full-service marketing and PR agency of career artists, strategists, and degreed marketers from various industries who travel the globe packaging and promoting great brands.


Must have proven track record executing strategic social media campaigns 

Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills

Proficient with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the latest hotness the kids are using 

Up to date with social media best practices


Proficient in social media managing and analytic software

Excellent social media strategist with a keen ability to cross pollinate different clients

Ability to manage projects, multiple deadlines / priorities, and anticipate needs


A desire to learn, grow, and work hard

Detail oriented with strong organization skills 

Flawless communication skills

Ethical, energetic, can-do attitude, and self-motivated


You will manage day-to-day social media in support of multiple client projects and RUHM corporate campaigns.

Provide oversight, strategic direction, and messaging for social media campaigns.

Lead and manage efforts to increase B2C and B2B awareness through social media.

70% Developing, planning, writing, pitching and executing social media campaigns

25% Media-monitoring, reporting and research across multiple clients

5% General administration


Competitive salary and benefits commensurate with experience 


Full time (approx. 40 hrs/week) 

Work completed in the Eagle / Boise, Idaho area


Submit your cover letter and resume to JOBS@RUHM.COM 

Please include examples of the social media accounts you’re most proud of.