Located steps from one of Maui’s most famous and beloved beaches, Montage Residences Kapalua Bay offers “the best of both worlds” to its potential homeowners: a top-rated resort lifestyle and the comforts of a single-family home. RUHM was tasked with educating the target market (young and middle-aged affluent families looking to purchase a second home) on the merits of the Montage Lifestyle. RUHM was also tasked with establishing an emotional connection with potential buyers that would result in greater, more resolute interest and more sales-lead conversions.
Short film views within first two weeks of launch
Cities represented among site visitors
Hours of media production
Emotionally engaging short films
RUHM created a compelling series of short films anchored by “The Oldest Pier,” a look at life at Montage that highlights the homes’ premier location on one of Maui’s most cherished and time-honored gathering spots. The film was supported by a new, interactive and immersive website featuring refreshed photography, copy and design.

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