Located in the picturesque Conyers Farm community of Greenwich, Connecticut, 21 Hurlingham Drive is an all-season dream home. RUHM was brought in to capture this estate’s singular beauty, versatility, and sense of place.
Website sessions in the first 3 days
Fine-art booklets mailed in targeted campaign
Cities reached via web marketing
Dollars in equivalent ad value of PR campaign results
In addition to the primary website, two other web presences were developed for Hurlingham: an MLS-friendly site, and a professionally-translated Mandarin site.

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Online Strategy

In addition to the immersive website, an extensive social media campaign was implemented generating over 16,000 impressions. Hurlingham was also publicized through featured posts in the RUHM blog:

The Cold Truth About Filming in Winter
Behind the Scenes: Hurlingham