The RUHM Roundup: September 2015

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Data-driven shirt sizing, the company that loves your baggage, and your very own truffle pig.

Before the days of unlimited connectivity, concierge services and personal assistants were earmarked for celebrities and International Men of Mystery. (In the 1960s, Judy Garland had Stevie Phillips and Dr. Evil had #2).

Then, the Internet happened. And with it came a deluge of tailored-to-you services like Mantry, Dollar Shave Club and Bespoke Post.

Fast-forward a bit, and online concierge companies have become more creative and hands-on than ever. So whereas today’s most renowned International Man of Mystery, George Clooney, puts his PA up in a detached home on his LA property, your PA is in the computer.

In celebration of technology, sophistication, and au courant lifestyle curation, here are a few new net-it-and-get-it services we can’t wait to try:

  • So Long, SML – You do you (dad bod and all) and let Stantt use 3-D modeling to determine your exact proportions, then use your personal data to make shirts that actually live up to the term “custom fit”.
  • Business Class – Everyone comes with a little bit of baggage, but DUFL loves you enough to ship, carry and unpack it — so you can arrive at your next work destination hands-free with a closetful of starched, pressed, boss-caliber business attire waiting for your 8 a.m. status meeting.
  • Shop It Like It’s HotSvbscription knows an all-important [not-so] secret: sourcing begets style. So their personal shoppers know exactly where to go for exactly what you want (and what no one else has) for your home, office and wardrobe.
  • When Pigs Fly – Truffle pigs sniff out the world’s best gourmet fungi: hence the name of this company, which sniffs out the world’s best travel destinations and excursions — custom-curated to your taste, interests and personality. That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.
  • Warhol for All – These days, we stream everything: Movies, music … baby pandas. Why not fine art? With Curater, you can turn your home into a revolving LED-canvas gallery of famous works to suit your mood.

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