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5 Ultra-Posh Tiny Houses

For a long time, the Small House countermovement was reserved for those who wanted a simpler, financially unburdened life. Today, however, even those in the ranks of Louis Vuitton are joining the shake-up and finding creative ways to downsize without downgrading.

The reason? We think it has a lot to do with the simple elegance of pared-down living. As one CNN article put it, “There’s … the intangible delight derived from cooking in a kitchen where everything is within arms’ reach, or eating off the beautiful china set that was locked in a cabinet when [the owners] lived in a 1,500-square foot home.”

Sofie Borges put it another way: “The simple things are now the rare things, and as luxury has always been about the rarified, the most profound embodiment of such luxury manifest is the ability to gain the freedom to enjoy it.”

We concur. Here are a few little houses that make us want to take a hiatus from our fast-paced, busy SoCal life for something a little more sublime:

1 Techstyle Haus

Photos: Courtesy of Techstyle Haus

Location: France

Don’t let this hi-tech fabric house’s mere 800 feet fool you – life in this energy-efficient dwelling includes a spacious atmosphere that’s all about flexibility. This curvy brainchild of  American and German students from leading universities uses 90 percent less heating and cooling than a traditional building. How little energy, you wonder? About the same amount of energy it takes to use a hairdryer. Now that’s hot.

2 Halo Home

Photos: Courtesy of Halo Home

Location: Sweden

Built by a team of students from Sweden as a Solar Decathlon China entry, this wood-incorporated house was named after the clean-energy source that provides all its power: the sun. Hey, Team Sweden! We can see your Halo – and we love it!

3 Shapeshifter

Photos: Courtesy of D*haus

Location: United Kingdom

Just as a flower opens over the course of the day in response to weather and light, this Dynamic House (aptly named D*Haus by its creators) opens and morphs into eight different configurations over the course of the year, responding to changes in weather, season and atmospheric conditions.

4 La Maison au Bord de l’Eau

Photos: Courtesy of La Maison

Location: Miami, FL

Though you won’t find the world-famous “LV” monogram printed on the exterior of this dreamy vacation home, it has Vuitton written all over it. Originally built by the Parisian architect, Charlotte Perriand in 1934, it was brought to life again by the famous fashion house at the unveiling of their new clothing line (inspired by Perriand herself). C’est magnifique!

5 The Tent House

Photos: Courtesy of La Maison

Location: New Zealand

Some of us dream of a day when we will finally take that adventurous step into the wild and spend the week camping in the great outdoors. But deep down, we know that we just aren’t built for drinking filtered lake water, sleeping on a paper-thin mat thingy and drinking instant coffee out of a makeshift bowl.

For more comfort-loving folk, the outdoor dream can still come alive in the most gorgeous, stylish, contemporary way possible. This A-frame home makes you feel both adventurous and glamorous as you “camp” just minutes from the beach.

Do you know of a tiny house that you think should have made our list? We want to hear your opinion! Drop us a comment or email


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