Seaside Masterpiece: House Holman

By November 14, 2014 Luxury Spotlight 3 Comments

A collage of views showing House Holman cantilevered over the Tasman Sea.

House Holman is cantilevered over the Tasman Sea. | via Gawker

Does art imitate life, or is it the other way around? Maybe neither — this week’s featured house is a work of art, inspired by a work of art.

Designed by architects Durbach Block Jaggers and inspired by Picasso’s 1928 masterpiece The Bather, House Holman features a highly dynamic style that arcs and bends in response to its environment, with living and dining areas cantilevered over the vast Tasman Sea off Australia’s coast.

Image of House Holman's inspiration: Picasso's 1928 oil painting, The Bathers.

Pablo Picasso, The Bather, 1928, oil on canvas. | via WikiArt

Throughout the residence, full-length windows expose sweeping ocean views. The deep azure sky and water feel like an integral element of the home’s neutral modern interior palette, while natural light fills many of the rooms, bringing with it physical and emotional warmth. Hardwood floors and black columns anchor the home against a backdrop of infinite sea.

House Holman's spiral wooden staircase and expansive ocean views.

Hardwood and large panes of glass feature prominently throughout House Holman. | © Peter Bennetts

The exterior is no less breathtaking: sited at the top of a 230-foot precipice, the outer wall of the lower floor is made from rough-hewn stone. It meanders along the cliff face, appearing like an extension of the cliff, and integrating the home into the landscape. The upper floor seemingly defies gravity by protruding over the sea, a feat of engineering that distinguishes House Holman from its natural site. Terraces create connections between the multiple levels on the property, and over extraordinary views from the cliff-side pool, two patios, and top-floor garden.

House Holman's spacious indoor and outdoor areas.

The cliffside pool, terraces, and the light-filled rooms of House Holman. | © Brett Boardman Photography

House Holman exudes a feeling of spaciousness, and frames life’s daily rhythms in zen-like coastal environment of wind-swept cliffs and endless ocean.

To see more photos of this house and others by the same designer, visit Durbach Block Jaggers.


  • Dave says:

    Gorgeous house. Great article! 🙂

  • Dyann Espinosa says:

    Does Ruhm use drones to capture a property’s exterior, and/or its site? I find that the perspective that a drone offers creates a more complete context, and this is especially important for luxury properties and those with a setting that defines the home.

    • Josh says:

      Our creative team uses a variety of film techniques in our tour videos. We definitely agree, it helps the viewer see the unique context and setting of a home.

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